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Welcome to Sew Electric



Proud to support Made with Code

Now that you’ve experienced the power of code through Made with Code, there are so many other things to try. Learning to code opens up a world of physical things to craft too. Sew Electric will teach you how to use coding to make your own unique interactive clothing, accessories, and plushies.

If you’re interested in art, crafts, or making things, these projects are for you! With Sew Electric, you’ll learn how to make a glowing bookmark and a bracelet with lights that flicker like fireflies.

When you’re ready for more, you’ll learn to make a plush monster that sings when you hold its hands, along with a magical fabric piano. You’ll also be able to turn pieces of clothing into light-up, music-playing, interactive fashions!

Getting Started

Sew a glowing bookmark
With a few easy steps, you’ll learn to sew a fabric light-up bookmark, decorated any way you like. You’ll need a piece of felt or fabric, a needle, and a few sewable electrical components.

See what you need.
Get the materials here.

Once you have the materials, start here and follow the instructions. You’ll soon have your own, one-of-a-kind glowing bookmark!

Craft a firefly bracelet

Ever wanted your own distinctive, fashionable bracelet? Now you can make one that flickers with sparkling lights! All you’ll need is a piece of felt or fabric (plus scraps for decoration), a needle, and a few sewable electrical components. (If you already ordered a kit for the Bookmark project, you don’t need another one.)

See what you need.
Get the materials here.

Then, follow the instructions here to create an amazing sparkling bracelet that will blow your friends away!


Does this sound fun to you?

If so, you might want to get yourself the Sew Electric book. Order the book and a beginning electronics kit, or order just the book from Amazon:
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You may also want to know when we’re hosting personalized Sew Electric workshops in your area, where we’ll teach you to build new things. Join our mailing list to get notified!

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Ready for a Challenge?

If you already know how to sew electronics, you’re ready for the next step. Whether you want to build an interactive plush monster, a touch-sensitive fabric piano, or your own piece of unique, interactive clothing, Sew Electric will show you how.

Build a friendly monster
With a little bit of coding and some crafting, you’ll be able to create a friendly monster that reacts to you when you touch it. Make your monster sing, play music, light up, have a beating heart, or do anything else your imagination comes up with!

To get started, get the Sew Electric book and a deluxe kit. Then, let your imagination run wild!

Make a touch-sensitive piano

Now you can make your own flexible, fabric instrument with code. Program your piano to play any notes you want — even pieces of songs with a single touch. You can attach your piano keys to a shirt or jeans to make your clothing musical!

You’ll need the Sew Electric book and a deluxe kit for this project too. (If you already ordered a kit for the Monster project, you don’t need another one.)


Happy crafting and coding!