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These instructions will guide you through the steps of downloading the piano application for a PC. If you’re using a Mac, click here.


Download the PC application by clicking on this link. Chick “OK” on the window that pops up. The “Save file” option should be selected.

If you see a security warning like the one below when you attempt to download the file, click on the downward arrow on the right and select “Keep” from the popup menu.


Find the zipped file with the name “SewElectricPianoAppPC.zip”. It will be in your Downloads folder, unless you chose to save it in another location.


Right-click on the zipped file and click on “Extract All…”. This will unzip the file and allow you to access the Piano Application.



Click on the “Extract” button at the bottom of the window that pops up. This will save an unzipped version of the folder to your Downloads folder (or whatever location your .zip file is in). If the “show extracted files when complete” box is checked, then the unzipped file will open automatically.

A “Confirm Encryption Loss” window may pop up. Select “yes” to the option of copying the folder without encryption.


Multiple windows like this may appear. If the option to “do this for all current items” is available, then check that box.


Wait for the items to finish copying.



Open the SewElectricPianoAppPC folder. There should be a second folder titled SewElectricPianoAppPC inside the original folder. Drag this second folder to your desktop. This will put the application in a place where you’ll be able to easily find it and run it in the future.


Double-click on the SewElectricPianoAppPC folder on your Desktop to open it.


Double-click on the SewElectricPiano.exe file to run the Piano Application. Note: At this point you may get a security warning or you may be unable to open the application. If you encounter one of these problems, see the troubleshooting page.



The main Piano Application window, which will look something like the image below, should open. Note: If this window does not open or you have other problems, see the troubleshooting page.


Choose the correct serial port from the list in the Piano Application window by clicking on it. This should be the same serial port you selected in the Arduino software. The correct serial port is usually the highest numbered “COM” port. You can also find your serial port by unplugging your LilyPad, looking at the menu, and then plugging your LilyPad back in and looking at the menu again. The serial port entry that has appeared is the one that you want to select.

A window like the one below will appear. Note: If you do not see this window or instead see an error message saying “I couldn’t communicate with your Piano”, see the troubleshooting page.



Try playing your piano now. You should hear piano tones coming from your computer and see waves on the application window like the image shown below. These waves are showing you the frequency of the notes you’re playing on your piano.


Refer to the troubleshooting page if you have any trouble downloading, opening, or using the app.