Sew Electric Deluxe Kit

This kit has the electronic supplies you need to make all of the projects in Sew Electric. Pick up fabric and crafting supplies and you’re ready to start building! Make your own soft glowing bookmark, a sparkling bracelet, an interactive monster, and a fabric piano. The kit comes carefully wrapped in tissue paper and packed in a lovely blue box, measuring 8 x 10 x 1 inches. Get one here.

Kit Contents:

1 LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap
2 LilyPad Protoboards
2 LilyPad speakers
1 FTDI breakout board
5 LilyPad LEDs
4 snaps
2 spools of conductive thread
1 LilyTiny
2 coin cell battery holders
3 coin cell batteries
1 set of needles
1 Mini-USB cable

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